Libertarian Communism and Capitalist Spirituality

Against all odds, this is what emerged for three years amid the crossfire between the Fascists and the Bolsheviks during the Spanish Civil War “[The collectives] demonstrate clearly that the working class are perfectly capable of running farms, factories, workshops, and health and public services without bosses or managers dictating to them. It proves that … More Libertarian Communism and Capitalist Spirituality


Why Socialism Won’t Work

The Niskanen Center published an op-ed in the Saturday edition of the New York Times (2/23/2019) entitled, “Abolish Billionaires? No, Abolish Bad Policy”. I agree. The Democratic Socialists, who are gaining traction, are rightfully passionate about inequities and injustices. But here in New York, they chased out Amazon, along with 25,000 jobs and 27 billion … More Why Socialism Won’t Work