What Makes Life Worth Living?

Terrible question. The kind of question that turns the day into a cold and rainy afternoon. This morning, scrolling through my Google news feed, I read that Steve Jobs would look into the mirror each morning and remind himself to treat the day as if it were his last day on earth. Pressure. When I … More What Makes Life Worth Living?


Big Tech controls the Future, meet Anton Vaino!

Imagine Trump hiring Dr Strangelove to replace General Kelly. Gary Lachman, in his book, Dark Star Rising, writes some fascinating paragraphs about Vladimir Putin’s Chief of Staff, Anton Vaino. Move over, telescope, microscope, the nooscope is here! Vaino, co-inventor of the nooscope, is aiming at “recording and distilling the sum total of human thought” (Anton Vaino, Mad … More Big Tech controls the Future, meet Anton Vaino!

The Guru Letters

It was 1940, and the Democratic Convention was about to pick their presidential candidates. Paul Block, a Pittsburgh newspaper publisher, knew he had dynamite. The “guru” letters. They were strange letters written by Henry A. Wallace, currently FDR’s popular Secretary of Agriculture, and rumored to be his choice for VP in the upcoming presidential election. … More The Guru Letters