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Primitive accumulation, courtesy of Wall Street

Wall Street has become the nation’s new slumlords. They are as ruthless as any in NYC.

In her feature article in the March 8th edition of the New York Times Magazine entitled “The Great Wall Street Housing Grab”, Francesca Mari documents the cruelties of Wall Street’s entry in the US housing market, a land grab rivaling the Enclosure Acts forced on farmers in 18th Century Britain. Karl Marx called it primitive accumulation. The predators are feasting again on the prey already skinned alive by the subprime debacle that exploded in 2008.

Yes, the iron logic of greed is back for another round of bloodletting. Banks too big to fail, bailed out by the taxpayer, have moved money, once ours, into the single-family housing market, scooping up distressed properties, and renting them back to once-proud homeowners. How many of us are walking this road back to serfdom? Or shall we call it new age sharecropping?

Bill Clinton got the ball rolling. In 1995 he appeared sincere as he sought to raise homeownership to 70% after a decade of decline in the Eighties. It was a noble goal. Now, in 2020, we can scratch our heads wondering why we are back at the same level as we were in 1995, 61%. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Never give a sucker an even break.

As soon as Clinton articulated the goal, the vultures licked their chops (do they have chops?) and started to work. The story needs not repeating in detail. Fannie Mae led the way. As a quasi-government agency, they were able to relax and automate their lending in the name of increasing homeownership. Not only that, but they also bundled the mortgages into AAA-rated mortgage-backed securities after buying mortgages from banks. Banks were then free to make more risky loans knowing Fannie Mae would buy them and turn them into securities. Everybody made a killing. Getting a mortgage became so easy my dog could have gotten a loan to buy a mansion. That it saddled the middle class with unsustainable debt was not their concern, the crash, their losses, were covered by the taxpayer. Massive corporate welfare.

Fast Forward to 2020. The real estate fraud that crashed the system resulted in 6 million homes lost to foreclosure and short sale. Millions of ordinary people lost billions in asset values as their homes were taken away. Prices of homes dropped as million stood empty.

Ten years later prices have recovered. Ordinary people, however, have not gone back to their homes. Real estate investment firms, institutional landlords, have created a new market: renting those single-family homes to people who used to own them. Francesca Mari reports that Steven Schwarzman, chief executive of Blackstone, was spending $100,000,000 a week in 2012 on these homes. The companies they hired to manage these rentals are the cruelest of overseers.

Marx writes that in 1688, William of Orange encouraged the landed gentry and the rising capitalist class to steal state lands, used by farmers and shepherds to grow food and produce wool, to create a new bourgeoisie based on private ownership of these same lands, primitive accumulation, pushing the peasant farmers into landless impoverishment.

Thus began the proletariat, now, in 2020, debt slaves who own nothing. People one coronavirus away from poverty. Thank you, Wall Street.

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  2. I think it is obvious that a democracy can only thrive when all voices are heard. That being said, Adam’s comment above indicates that he subscribes to some sovereign citizen ideology. I believe that people who have legitimate gripes against the system are distracted and marginalized as they are lured into world views so beyond the limits of public discourse that they render themselves impotent.

  3. 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    1. Can all Americans YouTube an type.ALAN GRAYSON (HIGH QUALITY VERSION)Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve.This is proof all are taxes an Police tickets worth $1.2 Trillion a year go to 2 unknown banks in Switzerland that they wont reveal to Congress an not America.

    2. David Wynn Miller was, I believe, a leader in the sovereign citizen movement. Since you referenced his arguments, and seem to agree with them, I assumed also that you identified with the movement. Forgive me if I am wrong.

    3. I don’t understand your obsession with the law. Words on paper are only as effective as their enforcement mechanisms. There have been occasions when I have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, and yet we have an executive branch that ignores legal Congressional subpoenas and blocks its oversight.

      More importantly, since we live in an oligarchy, laws and policies are designed by puppet politicians to further the interests of the top 1/10 of 1 %. That is why we need a MASS movement around UBI (universal basic income) to rather painlessly redistribute wealth and revitalize communities around the country.

  4. I do think it is a national emergency for all Americans to know what these PH.D LAW PROFESSORS,Law RESEARCHERS found in THE STATUTES AT LARGE.They found that the BAR ATTORNEYS wrote this into Law without AMERICANS CONSENT.The Secretary of Defense may conduct test and experiment involving the use of chemical and biological warfare agents on civillian populations within the United States.-Source-Public Law 95-79,TitleVIII,Sec.808,July 30,1977,99 Stat.334.In U.S. STATUTES-AT LARGE,Vol.91,page 334,you will find Public Law 95-79.Public Law 97-375,Title II,Sec.203 (a)(1)Dec.21,1982,96,Stat.1882.In U.S. STATUTES-AT-LARGE,Vol.96,page1882,you will find Public Law 97-375.This is proof there spraying us.You want to know why we have global warming.It’s not global warming there spraying us everyday with chemicals to keep us sick,an kill us.No PH.D Scientist in GEO Engineering knows this because they don’t study THE STATUTES AT LARGE.They just love to sound smart an hear there own voice while they tell the world because there funded by the Bankers who are spraying us all..Oh its not global warming we would like to say its Geo Engineering.Like all Americans are all dumb an ignorant.Like the OX going to the slaughter house.If you look up CFR TITLE 22 FOREIGN RELATIONS.It will show you that every BAR CLERK OF COURT,JUDGE&ATTORNEY,Police Officer or Sworn Officer are FOREIGNORS an against All Americans,contracted from outside of this country we call America.You want to know why maybe an American is suffering from cancer this is the proof that there spraying us all.STATUTES AT LARGE Union Calendor No.1078.81st CONGRESS,2nd Session House Report No.3123. THE NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD LEGAL BULWARK OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY.September 17,1950.Prepared and released by the Committee on UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES U.S. House of Representatives Washington,DC.This is Congressional record that the whole BAR,ALL JUDGES,ALL LAWYERS Operate in our courts in UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES against all AMERICANS rich or poor.You are not allowed to run a monopoly its illegal.The BAR created the Smith act,it is a anti communist document.The very people writing out anti communist document&laws&the Smith act are the same people who hold the Communist position in this country.It is easy for them to point the finger at us to draw attention away from themselves.An they want to call in guys with little white jackets for us.The BAR has a code of ethics,their suppose to have integrity.RICO is a racketeering enterprize.The BAR is suppose to be honorable.Under U.S.C. TITLE 27 the BAR IS an AGENCY.The Cop is a paid employee.The Prosecutor is a paid employee.The Judge is a paid employee.The Clerk is a paid employee.Proof of the illegal monopoly.

  5. As far as sovereigns being impotent an not making change that i do not know?As a proud American i admit as a caucasion I had the privilege of working with the great Dr. Gerald Johnson former Oceanside Ca President of the NAACP who was also Oceanside Police Chaplin,Donavin Prison Chaplin in San Diego Ca.An head of security over 14,000 Church Of God In Christ churches an who worked with the Department of Justice.Because of my love for this country.With that being said in 2010 working under Dr Gerald Johnson he proved through MATH before California Senators an our Govenor at the time using simple addition n subtraction that it would be cheaper on the TAX Payers of this country we call America to put prisoners into Drug Counseling an rehabilitate them,then to just make them go to prison time get out an re offend.This system is known as THE RE-ENTRY PROGRAM.California was one of the States to be an example to all other states to adopt this RE-ENTRY PROGRAM so that money could be spent in a better way,an so prisoners can learn why doing drugs is destroying them,there families are country an causing them to re offend.This isn’t IMPOTENCE it’s proven to be helpful to this country.An it’s caused great change for the good.When ever you want answers concerning money an drugs you have to follow the gold.Dorthy fell asleep not in a field of roses but in a POPPIE FIELD.Holywood was trying to tell us theres going to be Heroin Pandemic thats going to hit America like no other.Dorthy wanted a short cut off the yellow brick road which symbolizes Gold to the Wizard of Oz.Many prisoners if you ever care to hear there story wanted a short cut.An in that they got caught up in drugs.These bankers want us all to fall asleep so they can cash in our BIRTH CERTIFICATES.You ever study the story of Theodore Roosevelt his grandfather was the biggest Heroin dealer in Hong Kong in the 1800s.That’s why Theodore didn’t know what to do with his life he was filthy rich before becoming president he use to just travel the world as a treasure hunter.He heard of hidden treasurers of gold hidden in South America never found it almost died trying to find it?Came back to America pumped his name up an became president.

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