Why Do the Spooks Want to Dump Trump?

Yes Trump’s incompetent, but let’s call a risk to national security

It’s not like the CIA hasn’t bumped off heads of state before. But why impeach Trump now? It’s hard to believe our CIA whistleblower acted alone out of a surplus of conscience regarding a single phone call. How should we process this? Have we no choice but to ping-pong back and forth between right and left wing conspiracies? The right wing screams coup d’état: The hell with globalism. The hell with political correctness. The hell with immigrants. We want our country back. That’s why you want to take down Trump. Socialists assert that Pelosi is attempting to elevate the “military intelligence apparatus to be the supreme arbiter of American politics.” In other words, we need a war with Iran, or China, or somewhere. She and her husband have made millions off their investments in the defense industries. For the moment, let her get rid of Orange Man.

Both sides have a grain of truth. It IS a coup, and yes the military intelligence community has decided they are the adult in the room. I believe, though, that the basic truth is much simpler. The man is a demented Caligula. His rotting brain never advanced beyond childhood and Daddy’s money, and everyone now realizes we have a void in the Oval Office.

Trump’s incompetence has long been evident. In today’s New York Times (10/2/2019), there is a front page article detailing Trump’s “handling” of the immigration issue. The article reports Trump’s Caligula like musings about electrifying the border wall, complete with flesh piercing spikes at the top. He also entertained the idea of creating a moat beside the wall, spiked with snakes or alligators. All this in addition to sealing off the border completely and shooting migrants in the legs, “to slow them down.” He sounds like a guy in a shot and a beer redneck bar, talking to the bottles against the wall.

He can’t think like an adult, let alone a President. Mister 3 dimensional chess seems unaware that actions have consequences. How can a sociopathic child handle the nuances of our relations with China, a real reality? Let the CIA neutralize him. The brakes in the system are worn out. The skeleton crew in the White House are exhausted by having to clean up his daily messes.

Kicking Trump out of the Presidency is a non-partisan issue. Incompetence may not be impeachable, but get rid of him before he wrecks everything. He’s a two year old picking up and smashing everything in the house he’s visiting, not knowing what it is, or its value or history.

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