When Cancer was Eradicated


(This story was inspired by Jon Rappoport’s article ” Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?”)

New York City

Jack’s treadmill life was neither heroic or cowardly. He kissed the sleeping Hannah goodbye and ventured forth for another spin on the treadmill. The predawn December sky was still populated with stars. Then, while walking to the bus stop,  the phrase “fear-frozen catalepsy of middle age” bubbled up in his mind. As Jack stood at the bus stop he noted the time: 5:08 AM, and the fear gnawed at his stomach.  The bus should be here in three minutes. Warm. Feels like a snowless Christmas this year. Faculty meeting this afternoon, will be coming home in the dark again. He scrolled the headlines on his phone. He noted that the NYTimes and the Guardian both carried a story about some cancer vaccine sailing through clinical trials. The bus arrived. Jack boarded. Saw Burt, a comrade at the NYC Board of the Dead, eyes closed this morning, catching a 10 minute snooze. Catalepsy well describes this army of early morning commuters.

Spring, later on in the same school year. The topic of cancer vaccines returned to Jack’s attention:

Finished for the day. Jack stepped outside his school, the Eugene Debs High School in Harlem.  As he walked down the hill toward Broadway, he basked in the sunlight of an early Spring. As he made his way toward the 1 train, he heard voices from a bullhorn warning against vaccines. On a little wedge of sidewalk, a tiny city park, Jack saw the Nation of Islam, with their bow ties and suits, passing out leaflets and selling Final Call. He struck up a conversation with Stanley Mohammed:

Jack: What’s the matter with vaccines?

Stanley: They’re killers.

Jack: But they’re supposed to be a protection.

Stanley: Protection my ass! They’re killers. Look at what happened to my people. Take polio. Black people never used to have cancer. Since the polio vaccine, since the ’60’s our cancer rates are higher than anybody else. You know about Tuskegee right?

Jack: Yeah, but I thought Bobby Kennedy’s commission cleared everything up.

Stanley: He got the mercury out, but something worse is coming down the road.

Jack: What’s that?

Stanley: Don’t you read the papers man? This cancer vaccine is coming. Here, gimme a donation and you can read about it in our paper.

Jack: You want me to give money to the Nation of Islam?

Stanley: I know you white, brother, but I’m not going to bite you on this one, we’re in this together.

Jack took the paper and read it on the way home. A bit paranoid.

Hannah had the place smelling like curry. She had the day off and decided to cook Jack’s favorite, goat roti. He showed her the Final Call and told her about his discussion with brother Stanley.

Hannah, testing her curry sauce by licking the palm of her hand: I already know all about that.

Jack: Yeah right.

Hannah: Prophet spoke about it a while ago. He said there is something else in the serum, and he saw dark forces surrounding it. He told people not to take it.

Not exactly evidence, Jack thought. Hannah’s West African spiritual adviser had clairvoyant capabilities, and called himself “Prophet”. He was often right about the things he claimed to see. His track record wasn’t perfect however. The Final Call couldn’t substantiate anything negative about the forthcoming cancer vaccine either. They simply didn’t trust the Swiss corporation that made it, claiming that 80 years ago it was supporting the Nazi regime. Jack, of course, was skeptical, still unwilling to believe there was any malignant intent behind such an historic breakthrough. After all, polio was eradicated. And the recurrence of measles and mumps was reversed when confidence in vaccines was restored by the Kennedy Commission. And now, cancer.

Later that evening, Jack was  trying to sleep, but kept thinking:

Prophet says don’t take it. Don’t take it. As if it were that simple. Over 2,000,000 people a year are diagnosed with cancer, with half a million dying from it each year. Everyone knows someone who has had some kind of cancer, or has died from it. “Cure for cancer” had become a phrase in modern English to signify human triumph over tragedy. Now the cure is here. Why would this clairvoyant urge his followers to refuse a cure for cancer?

The next evening, Jack went online to find out a little more. It turned out this vaccine was not really a vaccine. It did not work by stimulating a response from the immune system. It permanently altered human DNA. Genetically modified humans. It changed the DNA to quickly detect mutations, which eventually lead to cancer cells. This DNA alteration became part of the human genome forever, to be passed from generation to generation.

Jack discovered that there was one company that had been working on this unique approach. During the previous decade Thayer Theraceuticals, based in Switzerland, decided to jump into the cancer game because it had become a $100,000,000,000 per year industry. They historically had no presence in this market, and the other pharmaceuticals were putting out expensive drugs that simply weren’t working. Chemo and radiation treatments were still the standard. And besides, cancer rates were beginning spike again. So Thayer decided on a new tack. It put all of its immense research capabilities into what was called IGT–immuno gene therapy.  Cancer is caused by toxins: tobacco, alcohol, pesticides, radiation, sunlight, the list is endless. All these harmful antigens are pervasive and cause deadly mutations. Thayer , as they stated in their official literature, was betting on IGT- genetic modification to silence, turn off,  mutated genes. The “vaccine”  would be injected into the arm of the patient, and the genetic alteration would be carried into the cells by a benign virus. The inserted gene would modify the patient’s DNA so that it would be capable of turning off any cell that mutated due to attacks from environmental antigens.

Jack was fascinated by all of this, but scouring the internet he found it impossible to find anything negative about this bold step into genetically modified humans. Everything about this vaccine seemed to make mandatory vaccination of the entire population a slam dunk necessity.  It would also make an excellent debate question for his government class: Should a cancer “vaccine” with a nearly perfect success rate in clinical trials be mandatory for everyone in the United States? 

He did try it in class, and none of the teams chose the no option. No one would challenge the government’s power to force individuals to modify their own genetics. His students unanimously agreed it should be mandatory, to save lives and ease the burden on the healthcare system. Boring.

By June 2018 FDA approved the product for use in the United States. The hyperactive Trump Administration jumped on it and saw it as a way to drastically reduce healthcare costs. Their fumbling on the issue of repealing Obamacare made them see this development as a godsend. The President met with the CEO of Thayer and his team to work out a deal. Within days he ordered HHS to make an initial outlay of $40 billion  to buy  100,000,000 doses to be administered by healthcare providers and pharmacies. Free. They estimated that the reduction in cancer costs would not only pay for the initial outlay but would eventually exceed future costs of treating cancer. Funds saved from cancer treatment costs could be shifted toward keeping  Medicare and Medicaid solvent. After these “tough” negotiations with Thayer, the giant corporation agreed to retrofit their manufacturing facilities in the US, which were now used mostly for OTC drugs like aspirin. Thousands of jobs would be created in the US. In a concession to Thayer, the Trump administration agreed to allow Thayer to ship the product from its Chinese facilities without tariffs, or border taxes.This was necessary to meet the huge purchase order by the US government.  By November 2018, all 100,000,000 doses would be available.

When November came the public responded with delirious excitement. People flocked to their local pharmacies and their doctor’s offices to get their injection. There were lines in every doctor’s office and pharmacy. The well orchestrated media blitz was hardly needed.The Trump Administration ordered another 50,000,000 doses so that the supply would not run out. Thayer said they would be available by February, if the Chinese exemption still held.

The euphoria and optimism that swept through the population cannot be overestimated. The age old curse was gone. Soon no one would have to grieve over a loved one lost to cancer.

By February the data were beginning to show a real decrease in new cancer diagnoses. And this after only four months. The policy of free cancer vaccinations was clearly working. Within a couple of years the entire population would have received their vaccination, and new diagnoses were on track to converge on zero. The war on cancer was over. The American people breathed a sigh of relief. The President’s poll rating zoomed to 95% approval. Reelection was assured.

The anti-vaxxers were a stubborn segment of the population, perhaps as large as 10%. Apparently they were against ANY vaccine. They objected to this one simply because it altered the human genome. Period. These were the usual collection of “deplorables”, as Hillary described them: the Christian Right, the alt-right,  older groups such as Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Amish. No amount of reasoning could persuade them to take the injection. And for a while, they were left alone, free to refuse.

As cancer rates began to significantly drop, the media and the public began to vilify these stubborn people as irrational paranoids. Stupid Luddites. Local TV news started going to hospitals and reciting cancer stats from the hospital, always ending the story showing stock footage of hospital patents and concluding by saying that if everyone took the vaccine, this would not happen anymore. Public aversion to the anti-vaxxers grew, feeling that a cancer diagnosis meant that they would have to pay for the irresponsible parasite’s decision to refuse the vaccine.

In the middle of the following school year, as Spring term started in February 2020, the Eugene Debs High School announced that it was hosting a team from Mt Sinai to vaccinate anyone in the school community, or in surrounding neighborhood who hadn’t already gotten one. Jack reached home that evening and found Hannah in the kitchen watching New York 1. A segment on accidents caused by driverless Uber taxis. She was scooping up her fried okra and onions with some bread.

Jack: Hannah, should we take the vaccine?

Hannah, chewing: Never!

Jack: A nursing team from Mt Sinai will be coming to Debs tomorrow to give the vaccination to anyone who hasn’t gotten one so far.

Hannah: Tell them you already got one.

Jack: That’s what I am planning to do. But you know, everyone who gets vaccinated has a confirmation number.

Hannah: There’s nothing we can do about that. Just don’t talk about it.

Hannah was confidently oblivious of the consequences of such a decision. Anti-vaxxers were very unpopular and most people who hadn’t been vaccinated didn’t talk about it. Jack, instinctively non heroic and non cowardly, decided he needed more time to make up his mind. He was  equally persuaded by both sides of the issue, understanding full well the benefits, yet troubled by this path that Thayer opened up.

Time passed. The total unanimity and enthusiasm of opinion supporting this vaccine aroused his suspicion. The vilification of anti-vaxxers aroused his sympathy. Eventually his contrarian impulses kicked in: if everyone is for it, then I should be against it. Nothing can be this good. Big Pharma and Big Government united, what’s not to like, he thought sarcastically. But that was not the only reason. His gut told him this vaccine was crossing a line in the sand. So he made a second leap of faith. Permanent genetic modification, like the GMO seeds, changes to be passed on to future generations, crossed a Rubicon. This much he held in common with the ant-vaxxers. But with this vaccine, the fate of mankind depended on the goodwill of certain members of our species who were redirecting nature and consciously deciding the future evolution of our species. A few individuals. In the immortal words of Butch Cassidy: Who ARE these guys?

As the results of the vaccine became clearer month by month, it seemed total eradication was in sight. The President, compulsively wanted to knock the 10% non compliance down to 5% or less.  He decided to green light a modification of the California law so that any entity receiving federal funds require their employees, students, teachers, military personnel, state and municipal workers including police, to get vaccinated.The list was extensive. Permission to enter schools, precincts, workplaces was based on a person’s ability to show the unique confirmation number that everyone received when they were given the injection. The executive order explicitly stated that there were no personal belief exemptions. It didn’t seem to matter that cancer was not communicable. The logic of universal vaccination held: this is for the greater good. The President was fierce about eradicating cancer and was proud that national healthcare costs were starting to nosedive. It was a win win situation for the people, the Federal budget, even for American jobs. The White House press secretary and other administration spokesmen made the moral argument that if anyone refused the cancer vaccine, then they have turned their back on the social contract that required society take care of them if and when they developed cancer. Hospitals and medical professionals would have the legal right  to refuse healthcare to the anti-vaxxers. Health insurance companies began to refuse treatment for new cancer cases. Let them treat themselves naturally, and they actually were referred to alternative health clinics.

Hannah never wavered in her refusal. She had confidence in her ability to survive no matter what. Jack on the other hand, was plagued with doubt, wondering if it wouldn’t be better to just go along and save himself from being thrown into the street. This time his fear frozen catalepsy held him back from taking the vaccine. He was taking a stand in spite of himself.

And the worst came to pass. Soon after this executive order, Jack and Hannah lost their jobs. For Jack, not being able to enter the classroom allowed the city to fire him for job abandonment. This designation disqualified him from collecting unemployment or a pension. Hannah lost her nursing position after a week. Their refusal to take the vaccine was a matter of record, or lack of it. They had no verification number.

The media suppressed stories about people who were removed of from their jobs. Protests outside public building were quickly broken up by antagonistic local governments. The public went about their business.

Jack and Hannah quickly descended into poverty. They were shunned by their neighbors. Creditors had no sympathy. The job market was difficult when it was revealed they were fired for refusing the cancer vaccine. They were considered crazy.

Jack never felt more free. Neither of them could know whether or not they would develop cancer, but they knew for certain they would never end up in a hospital for treatment. If they died from cancer, it would probably be very painful. But they stubbornly remained natural humans, and not genetically enhanced.

The anti-vaxxers, who eventually acquired the label “the naturals” found themselves being squeezed or kicked of mainstream, genetically enhanced, society. Oil and water. One suspicious of the other.

Strasburg Pennsylvania

Jack and Hannah ended up selling their house and moved to Strasburg, Pennsylvania, to live among the “plain” people. Their plight sympathetically heard by the local bishop.  They did not choose to shun the outside world, the outside world spit them out. All they had to do was commit to 18th century Anabaptist teaching and follow the local Ordnung.

Hannah loved the plain clothes, and the strict approach of these people to Biblical teaching. Her Prophet approved, but contact became difficult in the absence of telephones and computers. Her Prophet himself was becoming more isolated in his home base the Carolinas due to the backlash against anti-vaxxers. Many of his followers gave up and took the vaccine.

Strasburg was surrounded by farmland straight out of the movie Witness. It was beautiful, calm,  natural. Jack loved it too, and found himself working odd jobs here and there, on farms and in the town. These people really worked hard. Hannah found a job in an Amish tourist restaurant, cooking meals for people the Amish way. She taught them how to make her curry dishes and they were to the menu. Tourists  were surprised and delighted at these new Amish dishes, and when they asked to meet the chef they were astounded to see a Caribbean woman in Amish clothing speaking with a Trinidadian accent. Who knew the Amish were suddenly embracing cultural diversity?

Eventually Jack gathered materials to study Greek and begin translating the New Testament from the original, and was encouraged by the Brethren to occasionally teach in some of their one room schoolhouses, even thought he was constantly disputing their interpretations of Scripture. He was even given permission to go to his old college in Lancaster to consult with the language department ( the traditional Amish exemptions extended to the cancer vaccine). The community rewarded them a modest home near town. No electricity, no mortgage, no problems, except hard work. Jack’s and Hannah’s hearts filled with gratitude for these warm and forgiving people. They also noticed that cancer in this community was very rare.

They grew older and happier together in this natural world. This community was remarkably free of cancer, and free from most of the toxins choking the rest of the country. Jack thought it interesting that environmental standards in the genetically enhance world lapsed, and people felt immune to the hazards of tobacco and alcohol.

Undisclosed location in the Swiss Alps:

 Dr Lumptisch: The Board of Directors is asking for analysis of the first year in the US

Dr Weinplatz: We have a PowerPoint presentation ready.

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: In addition to dramatically reducing cancer diagnoses (down 30%), the results of the undisclosed DNA components are astounding. 

Slide 1: Profile of the 4 strands of cancer vaccine administered in the US for the past year:

Each strand has the DNA to eliminate cancerous mutations. And they also have:

diabetes 1 and 2: 1 enhances resistance (causing diabetes); 2 inhibits resistance (preventing diabetes)

dementia 1 and 2: 1 enhances memory formation (disabling age related memory decline); 2 inhibits memory formation (accelerating age related memory decline)

Slide 2: 160,000,000 doses administered nationwide

diabetes 1 enhance: 40,000,000

diabetes 2 inhibit: 40,000,000

dementia 1 enhance: 40,000,000

dementia 2 inhibit: 40,000,000

Slide 3: Diagnostic Results by category

diabetes 1 enhance: Type 2 diagnoses up 30%

diabetes 2 inhibit: all cases down to 0%,  no diabetes found

dementia 1 enhance: 0% dementia; memory enhancement tests up 40%initial pending 

dementia 2 inhibit: Alzheimer’s diagnoses up 30%

Slide 4:  Links to cancer vaccine

Because of our randomized distribution and verification coding, no reports, either in private patient files or in any media has there been any suggestion that the increases and decreases of rates of diabetes and dementia are linked to the cancer vaccine. No research has been initiated by any watchdog group, journalistic association, or government agency. The public has no taste to investigate any negatives of this vaccine due to our spectacular success at reducing cancer rates. Our reputation is solid. We can with impunity launch the next series.

Slide 5: Sociological Observations

Field reports indicate an ongoing separation of the naturals (anti-vaxxers) and everyone else (genetically enhanced).

The Federal laws punishing those refusing the vaccine has encouraged them to self identify and separate themselves from the greater society. We can forget that 10% for now.

The Board of Directors Respond ( anonymous and speaking remotely via Skype)

Dr Lumptisch and Dr Weinplatz, here’s how you will proceed with the next rollout

For the next round of cancer vaccines, use only the diabetes causing and memory inhibiting vaccines. Educate the media outlets to understand that the rise of these infirmities is caused by poor diet and environmental toxins. When the public begins to respond to this as an issue, we will announce our new diabetes and dementia “vaccines”.

Once we have solidified public trust, we will move forward to segment the population with new forms of vaccine for the various segments, enhancing and inhibiting human capabilities both physical and mental, based on interesting DNA we have found in the blood banks. For the sake of planet we must take appropriate measures with our human flock. 

Congratulations on your good work.

We will meet again next year.


















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