The Group Huddles

Somewhere on the Eastside, NYC. January 27, 2017. A location cloaked by plausible deniability. Nobody was there, except for maybe Richard Haas. Conversation unrecorded, reported orally. The President at the moment is meeting with the British Prime Minister.

A: Wish Henry was here.

B: He’s in Switzerland, getting another transfusion.

C: How should we handle this? Bilateral agreements!! Back to the 19th century?

A: Next thing you know the UN will go the way of the League of Nations.

D: We still have the central banks.

E: Not enough, we have to get the trade agreements back in place.

B: China can’t lead it, it’s ready to blow. Japan and Britain are jumping ship.

D: How about an Anglo-American Empire?

A: Too long term if Trump’s hobbits get used to this.

C: Gentlemen, let’s think rationally here.¬†Global management will never prevail if Trump succeeds.

B: What if we pull the plug on QE worldwide?

A: Who will get the blame? If the markets crash and credit dries up and millions lose their jobs four months into this, will the public buy that it’s Trump’s fault?

C: We can get the MSM to have a field day on this, day after day. Hurting people need someone to blame.

B: We have the World Bank and the IMF to bail out the world, special drawing rights, world currency.

C: With conditions, we can box our friend the President into a corner.

E: Crisis ameliorated. Good job Mr President for seeing reason and salvaging jobs and the economy, and agreeing to our terms.

A: The dollar will be pegged to the SDR currency.

D: Yes, same as the yen, the ruble, the euro and so on.

B: We won’t even need a TAP or a TPP, at least not all at once, The IMF will administer the recovery.

C: I think we’re on to something here



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