The Deep State Wants Roger Stone Dead

Chuck Schumer said that Donald Trump was really dumb for publicly criticizing the CIA. I interpreted that as a warning to Mr Trump. John Brennan scolded Mr Trump about his tweets regarding the intelligence community. Another warning. Roger Stone was falsely accused of working with Julian Assange and the Russians in publishing the damning John Podesta emails.

Roger Stone almost died from polonium poisoning recently:


“The general consensus is that I was poisoned,” Stone says.

Stone went on to describe that his symptoms presented themselves first as a “routine stomach virus,” but that he eventually grew “exceedingly ill.”

“So I ultimately went to the doctors at Mt. Sinai hospital in Miami Beach, my own personal physician. They conducted extensive blood tests. Those blood tests were passed on to CDC.” Source: Inforwars, January 18, 2017

Only states poison using polonium. And it wasn’t the Russians. Mr Stone thinks that his assassination attempt was intended to prevent him from testifying in the upcoming Congressional hearing on Russian hacking, and exposing the BIG LIE:

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), who on Thursday suggested it was time to start “throwing rocks” at Russia for “interfering in our election,” will lead the Senate Armed Services Committee’s new subcommittee on cyber threats, after being hand-picked by committee chairman and close friend Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Graham has been the Senate’s most vocal Republican challenging Trump over the president-elect’s repeated efforts to downplay and discredit the intelligence community’s findings that Russian operatives were behind a series of election-related hacks. Source: Washington Post, “Senate GOP’s biggest Trump critic to lead Congress’s most public Russian hacking investigation”, January 6, 2017 

Mr Trump, in one of his tweets, accused the CIA of using Nazi tactics. Wolf Blitzer, for one, was horrified by this, and repeatedly challenged Rand Paul to denounce this tweet in a recent interview. Mr Trump is obviously drawing a parallel to Joseph Goebbels’s  concept that a Big Lie, if repeatedly sufficiently, will no longer be questioned by the population.

When you have an orchestrated parade of Democrats pounding away at the legitimacy of the election because of “Russian hacking”, when you have a Republican Senator handing a phony document to the FBI, and then a CIA giving legitimacy to this fake document by briefing both President and President-elect, and then leaking it to the media, you know the Deep State wants war with Russia and continued carnage in the Middle East.

Roger Stone is still alive to expose the BIG LIE even though the Deep State wants him dead. John McAfee and others have detailed why the “hacking” wasn’t the work of the Russain government.

The BIG LIE is necessary to incite wars and death. A BIG LIE started the Spanish American War, a BIG LIE started World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, the “War on Terror”. Now Deep State wants to assassinate truth tellers and deligitimize a duly elected President who wants  detente with Russia and prosperity for the United States.

The Deep State is evil. Americans must resist.


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