The Group Huddles

Somewhere on the Eastside, NYC. January 27, 2017. A location cloaked by plausible deniability. Nobody was there, except for maybe Richard Haas. Conversation unrecorded, reported orally. The President at the moment is meeting with the British Prime Minister. A: Wish Henry was here. B: He’s in Switzerland, getting another transfusion. C: How should we handle … More The Group Huddles

Weakness exposed

1974: Jack at 19 Evening. In a college dorm. Misty Amaris made the dramatic entrance into Walt’s room,  grabbed Jack’s hand and pulled him back into his own room across the hall. She dropped herself onto his bed and cradled his face in her palms as his knees straddled her waist. All pallor and dark … More Weakness exposed

The Deep State Wants Roger Stone Dead

Chuck Schumer said that Donald Trump was really dumb for publicly criticizing the CIA. I interpreted that as a warning to Mr Trump. John Brennan scolded Mr Trump about his tweets regarding the intelligence community. Another warning. Roger Stone was falsely accused of working with Julian Assange and the Russians in publishing the damning John … More The Deep State Wants Roger Stone Dead