Average 62 year old guy walks into a muay thai workout. Jump rope. 10 minutes. Easy. A little girl could do that.

Carry me out in a stretcher! Wei said breathe. Raise your arms, look to the sky, calm, centered.

Jabs. No worries. Left Left left step step step. What? Again? Again? Again? Clock says 45 minutes to go.We are just beginning.

Jab. Cross. Shields. My arms are ready to fall off! Feeling a little sick.

Topping off with calisthenics. My knees give way. Embarrassing.

I grow old, I grow old

I shall wear my trousers rolled

and walk along the beach

and hear the sirens singing

each to each

I do not think they will sing to  me

Gassho. Good job. Next session Thursday.


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