Step 5: Is Global Technocracy inevitable?



We are at the point where scientific management of the world’s resources seems not only possible but desirable. Wouldn’t everything run more smoothly and efficiently if we got the politicians out of the way and let the scientists run things? So much more efficient, no more waste and corruption, more fair! Let’s get rid of the pesky humanities and train our children in the really useful STEM subjects. And maybe one day they will grow up and be part of the technocracy, the planetary rule of the scientific elite.

What a beautiful world it will be! What a glorious time to be free (to quote Donald Fagen)! The UN Agenda 2030 has put forth a core set of goals to be achieved planet wide by the year…2030! Our President Obama has enthusiastically committed the United States to help implement these planetary goals (along with our money).

The Agenda 2030  all seems to flow from the word “sustainable.” This is the core of the technocratic faith. We need scientific management of the world’s resources to maximize the well-being of the world’s population AND ensure the survival of the planet. (Actually, it seems survival of the planet has a somewhat higher priority than the survival of the entire human species). The UN Agenda 2030 documents that its goal is to create a peaceful and prosperous world. Mobilize science and technology, brush away petty and corrupt politics, who could be against such a thing?

Sustainable. I am laying this out as an intro because if you look at the documents, they seem laudable. Elimination of disease, elimination of hunger, elimination of inequality. Worldwide. AND it will be a world economy powered by renewable energy resources. It will be a world where government policies all support these goals, eliminating the need for war. There will be peace.

All we have to do is let the scientists and engineers construct this world and we will all be healthy and happy and free.

Why do I feel like No 6., Patrick Mcgoohan, in the Sixties TV series The Prisoner?

In the next blogs I will examine the underlying axioms for all this, starting with scientism. Let me leave you with some thoughts and questions. Can the social practice of science ever be free from political objectives or considerations of economic consequences?  What is Agenda 2030 but a purely political document? As a political document how will the power be allotted? Who will make decisions? Will we have rights in this brave new world?


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