PAIDEIA for the 21st Century: The 5 steps of my philosophy of freedom

I am working on a series centered around the concept of escape from freedom. It will examine the blowback coming from the decision and the resolve to live a free life.

Today, however, I am stepping back for a second to reaffirm the meaning of my notion of a 21st century paideia.  This is the technocratic age, an age of scientific management of resources, natural and human. Individuals will disappear.

Hence the need for a paideia of individual freedom. We need to educate ourselves in order to realize our freedom in a positive way, and to order our society to support and protect such an ideal. This is the only way to insure future generations the chance to grow into the full range and scope of the human spirit. Human nature is a self actualizing concept. It is what you make it:

Step 1: Decision  There must first be an inner switch that unhooks, detaches, and breaks free from what is.

Step 2: Logic   We need an intellectual toolkit to cut away the constant mind control, disinformation, media brainwashing, institutionalized obedience training, exaltation of authority, and the overwhelming social pressure to conform.

Step 3: Spirit  “The only true joy on earth is to escape from the prison of our own false self into union with the Life who dwells and sings with the essence of every creature and in the core of our souls.” (Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation) How this is done is, of course, up  to the individual. In future blogs I will describe my own tortured path.

Step 4: Art  Using the senses and the imagination to create alternative worlds; creation ex nihilo.

Step 5: Political Economy  How can we organize society to support steps 1-4? The current trend seems to be a worldwide “scientific regime” that aims at managing economies, natural resources, and human populations in a “sustainable” way. This involves moving beyond national boundaries,  beyond economics as we know it, beyond political and religious ideologies…all in the name of sustainable worldwide “development”, run by experts, technocrats.

This is absolutely antithetical to a society of free individuals. It is the subject of immense importance, as it drives everything, including the current presidential race.

To anyone who reads this, these are topics that need to be addressed if a future is to be possible.


One thought on “PAIDEIA for the 21st Century: The 5 steps of my philosophy of freedom

  1. Your topucs are deep, heavy and realistically mind boggling brain teasers. However, if you can pin point an area for discussion, then we can definitely develop a conversation narrowing each topic to cohesively interact and invectigate issues leading to narrate the outcome of such intense communication based on everyone’s personal philosophy on the subject. This could have significant impact on decisionsvto be had.

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