Paideia 21st Century: Step 1 Freedom begins in the mind

Judy says to Kim, “You have too much time on your hands.”

Since I abandoned public school teaching in February, we all know what she means.  But let’s step back for a second. Don’t we all live inside the same 24 hour daily cycle? No one, therefore, has any more or less time than anyone else. Judy is obviously referring to how I spend it. Time is money, right? You can spend it wisely or foolishly.

Freedom, our topic, however, refers to both time and space. Freedom begins NOW, and it begins HERE. Can one be free when one allows oneself to be persuaded how to spend one’s time wisely? To follow someone else’s rules?

Freedom begins with the decision to be free, a decision that derives from nothing at all. My precept is that freedom begins in the mind.  One can mentally detach oneself from from what is: whether IT is your mood, location, stream of thought, situation. One can imagine alternative possibilities.

Jon Rappoport expresses it thusly: “If somebody is making the rules for you, no matter how big the payoff will be if you follow them, you are being scammed.” That is, something precious is being taken from you.

Whose rules do you follow in spending your time? Which expert? Every government, every religion, every social group, every employer, every educational system, has experts to advise you on maximizing your time. Have you ever had the feeling of being incompetent at living your own life?

Decide to be free. Freedom begets freedom. Begotten, in the biblical sense: not made, not created. Begotten. It IS. It IS our ESSENCE. Like love, our essence. Love begets love. Love and freedom, wherein you and I and all the world together are as vast as the eternal sea itself, and time ceases to exist. Not made. Not created. That which IS within us, which IS and WAS, and ever WILL BE. Soul. Consciousness. Consciousness begets consciousness. Begotten. The divine spark. Freedom.

Judy says to Kim: “You have too much time on your hands.” Yes, I have all the time in the world. And within me, and within you, time itself unwinds.


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