A Necessary American Revolution


For deluded individuals who think they have the moral high ground by feigning outrage at Donald Trump’s nonexistent bigotry and hatefulness, consider the following VERY CAREFULLY.

Who are the real racists? Your elected officials and too big to fail corporations, that’s who. And they are laughing at how stupid we Americans are. Between 2007 and 2010, when our economy was collapsing, the Federal Reserve handed over $16 TRILLION to US and foreign banks and corporations. Congress passed the TARP bailout, which handed out another $800 BILLION to failing banks and companies. This includes $391 BILLION to Chase, who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II. More on that in a second.

The Urban Institute reported that during this same period of time, the wealth of Black families across the country dropped 47.6%. This was mainly due to the loss of their homes due to foreclosure. They never got back their homes, and they were never “bailed out.” I guess Black families weren’t too big to fail.

What would you call the wiping out of half the wealth of one racial group in a period of 2-3 years, while banks and corporations are REIMBURSED trillions of dollars of free money? The same government corporate cabal that are behind Hillary, or Ted, or Paul Ryan, or ANYBODY but Trump.

Our corporations are treasonous, racist and genocidal. General Motors, Ford, IBM,  Standard Oil (now EXXON), and, remember ITT? When Americans were sacrificing and dying to eliminate fascism (corporate governance), these wholesome, all-American companies were profiting by selling to the Nazi war machine. Hitler (who may have had racist thoughts) , admired Henry Ford so much that he had his portrait hanging on the wall.Ford continued to operate its factories in Germany throughout the war and American bombers were told not to target them.

IBM. Great company. IBM enthusiastically worked with Hitler, providing punch cards and tabulating machines to “identify, isolate, and ultimately destroy the country’s Jewish minority.”(“IBM and the Holocaust”, Wikipedia) Thomas Watson, what a guy.

Hitler was not just a racist. His eugenics philosophy was based on eliminating inferior races. I’m sure that those idiots who equate Trump with Hitler will find relevant quotes from Mein Kampf  on his campaign website.

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of course continued its oil pipelines in Germany throughout the war. But the Rockefeller eugenics philosophy and their Council on Foreign Relations think tank are not racist. And just because Heidi Cruz is a member doesn’t mean that Ted Cruz is racist.

ITT? In March of 1942 the head of ITT, a Mr. Behn, met with the head of the German branch of ITT, a Gerhard Westrick. Over lunch, they discussed “how best they could improve ITT’s links with the Gestapo and its improvement of the whole Nazi system of telephones, teleprinters, aircraft intercoms, submarines, and ship phones, electric buoys, alarm systems, radio and radar parts, fuses for artillery shells, as well as Focke-Wulf bombers that were taking thousands of American lives.” (Higham, Trading with the Enemy, p.93)

Brown Brothers Harriman was an investment bank that funded the construction of the Nazi Navy and Air Force. Prescott Bush, JEB!’s grandfather spearheaded that operation and got into trouble with Congress because of it around the end of the war. But helping Hitler’s regime is not treasonous, is it? Racist? Of course not. Collaborating with the Nazis as part of the family history has not prevented old Ted from embracing JEB! and Neil Bush into the Ted campaign.

Only the Donald is racist. He has the nerve to hire thousands of women, Hispanics, and blacks because he secretly hates them. And when Apple’s Tim Cook and Google’s Larry Page meet in secret with leaders of the House and Senate on Jekyll Island to plot Trump’s take down, I’m sure it’s because they are offended by Trump, not because he wants Apple to manufacture their products in the United States. And Google will never ever slant search results.  So when in the future you google Trump and get a picture of Hitler, well, it MUST be because Trump really is Hitler.

Don’t be fooled. Trump is not the enemy.





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