Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone

On April 18, I will undergo some therapy courtesy of Dr. Stan Grof. It will be a holotropic breathing session. With any luck I will perhaps come into contact with what he identified as matrix 2 and 3, which I believe has confined my life to a kind of straitjacket, which I have forever been trying to escape.

When I was reading his book The Holotropic Mind,  Dr. Grof is painstakingly trying to break us out of the Newtonian mechanistic worldview.  The price we have paid for our triumphant modern natural science is a universe that is modern dead except for the isolated islands of conscious ego, which is modern man.

The underlying axiom of this view is the existentialism of Sartre, where the only meaning for it all is the project we create for our lives. All else is delusional, an escape from harsh reality.

This is what I have been trying to escape, and am still struggling with. What we seek is a transcendental meaning, a way to belong part and parcel to this vast universe. The BPM II and BPM II experiences have merely implanted the matrix in which all experiences seem to confirm Sartre’s existentialism.

Back to Grof. His research has all but confirmed that conscious is not confined to a physical body, or even a material universe. He uses the television as a crude metaphor for this: we can open up a TV to look for the location of our favorite show and not find it. That is because the TV is a medium through which the content is transmitted. In this way we can understand why people with brain damage sometimes have mental and physical disabilities–the brain has become an imperfect transmitter.

With this in mind, it seems that if we can break out of the constricting and crippling matrices we can open up to fuller and richer life.

There is much to cover here. But, regarding breaking out: if we go too far beyond the consensual reality (crazy) we will be labelled and dismissed. And thus we forfeit our sovereignty over our own lives. If we don’t try to access other sources of “conscious” we will live and die in this diminished reality.

Wherein lies our salvation?


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