How do we choose between self-actualizing concepts?

Belief in atheism is a belief that nothing exists besides energy patterns and space, and that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of involving specific energy patterns in the brain. There is no such thing as a guiding Intelligence, just chance.

Reality IS, and is all inclusive. Our sciences, philosophies and religions must account for it all, even the illusory appearances. Consciousness IS, but as an object for examination, is really hard to pin down, hard to explain. If evolutionary randomness can account for everything, then indeed God becomes an unnecessary hypothesis. The atheist self actualizing concept has fulfilled itself.

On the other hand, the alternative:

The Christian is considered to be something of a dim bulb to the very smart atheists. He thinks that God has called him (or her), and he proceeds to turn his life over to some obviously figment of his imagination. His progressive turning toward Christ, this metanoia as St Paul called it, shows the Christian fresh evidence daily that there is a secret Presence guiding everything toward an ultimate goal, an Omega Point, a goal known fully by the Infinite Being who set this universe in motion. To the extent we are open to this Being, Christians believe we can progressively share in the adventure of the Divine dance and become part of his plan as He intended for us.

Either option becomes true in the life experience of the believer. Neither is susceptible of the kind of proof that would gain universal acceptance. And if the truth were to be told, our own choice is made way below the conscious rational mind.


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